Our values guide us

Free software

Barnetik is a company founded in the region of Lea-Artibai in 2014 by experienced professionals in the areas of IT and web development. We believe that a more fair and social IT and bussiness model is possible. We want to help to achieve this, and so we bet for a cooperative project.

We want to success with eagerness and ethics, respecting and promoting clear values that we deem fundamental, and we want the people involved in the project, may they be new workers or clients, to be able to be excited about and feel part of it.

We search for a better world

Freedom of choice for our clients
Social Responsability
Collective innovation

We believe a project like this has an importat responsability; with our workers, our clients and society. In Barnetik, we take this matter seriously. Clients recieve all the information and documentation related to their projects, so it can be them who manage it, and working with us is a choice based in trust. On the other hand, resource sharing and code release will allow us to do our bit to give some of our effort back to the Free Software community.

We offer IT consulancy services based in open source and Free Software solutions. We make ours Free Software identity and ethic claims of Openness, Freedom and Collaboration, both in our services and our way of working. We firmly believe this values obtain better and more fair results, for the company as well as for our clients, and society in general.

Our strengths

Demonstrated expertise and competence
We are near you
¡We grow with you!

The project is based in the region of Lea-Artibai, to give the necessary technological tools for its development to an area rich in industry and in continuous expansion. We want to be part of this community, and become the reference in technological support and help for growth thanks to the internet possibilities for comunication, innovation and broadcast.

In Barnetik we are very near you. We want you to success with our help, because your success is also ours. We want to grow together with you, and make Lea-Artibai become a region of reference in the application of technological tools to improve performance and organization in bussiness environments.